I made another pixel thing instead of actually working on art yey \o/ I wanted to make Sonic blink too but I can’t be bothered to mess around with the frames and timing so I just kept it simple.

Because of marathoning FMA Brotherhood lately I really wanted to draw Knuckles sparkling while flexing his muscles like Armstrong does. That’s my excuse for this (´▽`)ゞ

I’ve been in pain and not able to do much today but I still wanted to be productive so for some stupid nonsensical reason I decided stressing over tiny pixels for the first time in like a year or two would be a good idea

I was gonna try to animate it but a) I lost patience and b) I screwed up saving the layers in gimp and now I can’t really do anything with it

so anyway here have a running rooster for radicalruster

(bigger version for details I guess??)

Because apparently I still haven’t outgrown my fankid-making phase.

sonicolors sent me numerous asks about WereSonAmy puppies a little while ago and I couldn’t help but make some characters for it, so meet Sunset and Mistral!

Sunset Rose is Sonic and Amy’s firstborn. Her fur is a greyish-purple, but it has a very shimmery quality to it and can look more pink or orange-tinted under light like the colours of a sunset. Like her parents she can be very determined and knows what she wants to do in life, but she’s more quiet and thoughtful about it. She can be a little shy sometimes too.

Mistral is Sunset’s little brother, and he’s the universe’s biggest fan of his parents. He thinks they’re both amazing and wants to be as cool as them. While neither of Sonic’s kids have his speed, Mistral inherited (currently very basic) wind-related powers from him (for example the Sonic Wind move in SA2) and as a result his spikes are usually messy and windswept. He’s exciteable and usually just wants to play with or hug everyone. He also has unusually long back spikes.

As for their Werehog forms, they both love howling and so tend to go out of control a lot. Sonic does his best to teach them to not lose themselves though. Usually with a bedtime story about his own Werehog adventures.

Based on this post. Would’ve had this done yesterday but I wanted to make a legitimate future Huski design ahah. I’d like to think she’s about 19 maybe?? She’s a little taller but she’s probably still really short compared to everyone else.

Also I drew the older!Taiya design Kelly made a few weeks ago because of reasons but I don’t know whether older!Ruster would look any different or not so he kind of ended up the odd one out sorry 8D;

bara echidna protecting his tsundere boyfriend

…I am so sorry if this is too violent I felt like this might seem kinda OOC if Sonic weren’t considerably hurt oops

Happy 23rd birthday Sonic the Hedgehog!! (☆´▽`)

I think this might be the first serious fanart I’ve ever done for Sonic’s birthday. I haven’t finished anything for the day since his 19th birthday, and… well, it wasn’t exactly the most meaningful or touching of fanarts out there (failtastic old art warning).

ANYWAY happy birthday to this cute dork!! I could easily type a whole essay on the spot about how he’s been completely ruining my life in the best possible way for pretty much as long as I’ve been alive, but we’d be here for ages, so… thanks for everything, Sonic. My life would definitely not be the same without you.

This is based on the tsundere loner attitude Sonic has in Sonic Boom, by the way! Specifically that one cutscene where he denies saying “we” when Knuckles helped, and that during the game he apparently realises he’s stronger with his friends. I thought it’d be cute to draw out a scene where he finally embraces his teammates and realises how much they mean to him. Something like…

Sonic: “We did it!”
Knuckles: “…you said ‘we’ again! You can’t deny it this time!”
Sonic: “Yeah, I know. We did it.”
[mutual ‘aww’ing and teammate hugging noises]

(Also, the 23rd anniversary logo is by sonicguru!)

Just some Boom-related stuff I’ve drawn over a week or so (☆´▽`)

Featuring Sticks & Amy going on a mission to ruin my life with friend-shippy feelings, Sonic acting out that one voice clip and an unfinished sketch of my Boom!Werehog design. I might colour the Werehog one in a few weeks maybe… /shrug

Three on-time birthday arts in a row whoa dang

Birthday gift for Tumblr’s Queen of all things SA2, ill-use-your-chaos-control!! I’ve had the idea for this in my head for months but never got round to drawing it ahah

Ribbon’s excited about being so high up in the sky now, but just wait until she suddenly realises she’s falling towards the ground and Huski’s maniacal laughter is fading into the distance.

…she’d catch Ribbon before she got hurt don’t worry

I have been drawing literally every day of this week and I finally finished everything I needed to do… :’D

ANYWAY these are a couple of sketches for my dear choppi's birthday!! First picture is her siamese Sonic fan character/Sonicsona with one of her beloved snails, and the second one… I kinda got bored and ended up doing a very random redesign of her inactive main Sonic fan character Renini the Lynx (who I miss very much). I think it turned into a Sonic Boom redesign of some description actually ahah, I hope you don't mind Chop ;v;

I don’t know if Chop will be on Tumblr any time soon but you should go wish her happy birthday anyway yes <3

Seen here: A pair of utter dorks

This is for my friend colours-feel-so-right, he asked if I could draw Huski and his character Kyle the Splitail Fox high-fiving!! They can both fly, so I figured an aerial high-five would be kinda cool… if my scanner didn’t ruin the movement lines, anyway. It looks better on paper I swear </3

Just one sketch of these two didn’t express their dorkery enough though, so have some silly chibis too. Huski wanted to look radicool like Kyle so the outfit swap is all her fault, don’t worry. You may want to reconsider your friendship with this girl, Kyle.