Happy 23rd birthday Sonic the Hedgehog!! (☆´▽`)

I think this might be the first serious fanart I’ve ever done for Sonic’s birthday. I haven’t finished anything for the day since his 19th birthday, and… well, it wasn’t exactly the most meaningful or touching of fanarts out there (failtastic old art warning).

ANYWAY happy birthday to this cute dork!! I could easily type a whole essay on the spot about how he’s been completely ruining my life in the best possible way for pretty much as long as I’ve been alive, but we’d be here for ages, so… thanks for everything, Sonic. My life would definitely not be the same without you.

This is based on the tsundere loner attitude Sonic has in Sonic Boom, by the way! Specifically that one cutscene where he denies saying “we” when Knuckles helped, and that during the game he apparently realises he’s stronger with his friends. I thought it’d be cute to draw out a scene where he finally embraces his teammates and realises how much they mean to him. Something like…

Sonic: “We did it!”
Knuckles: “…you said ‘we’ again! You can’t deny it this time!”
Sonic: “Yeah, I know. We did it.”
[mutual ‘aww’ing and teammate hugging noises]

(Also, the 23rd anniversary logo is by sonicguru!)

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